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29 March 2006

Is there a political solution via third parties?

Check the Neil Cavuto segment on third party viability:

Then check the Larry Sabato article on incumbent power: http://www.centerforpolitics.org/crystalball/article.php?id=LJS2006031601

What do you think?


Anonymous Bob in Houston said...

If there were ever a year in which a third party candidate might have a shot at winning the White House, it might be 2008. No incumbent running for re-election, no incumbent VP seeking the promotion, and neither party having the confidence of the country. The kind of people who might actually be able to unite the mainstream of Americans (McCain, Giuliani, Lieberman) will have a hell of a time being deemed acceptable by the extremists who control their parties.

I see McCain is trying to court the right wing of the GOP, but I doubt he will be able to gain their confidence. After all, it is pretty clear he is far too independent-minded to be anybody's stooge, and he is on record with his distaste for Falwell, Robertson, et. al.

Rudy is probably more interested in making money, and if so, I couldn't blame him. If he ran he would have to endure an all out character assassination from both ends of the political spectrum.

Lieberman is one of the few Democrats who is worthy of respect, so of course that rules him out unless he decides to go third party --- and I don't think he has the stomach for it. He's too nice of a guy to be the street fighter he'd need to be.

Our best hope is that early on in the political season, McCain gets roughed up by the GOP, loses primaries while gaining popular support in the polls. He already has an enormous organization, Straight Talk America, that is beyond the control of the GOP. Maybe if McCain were to run as an independent, and get Lieberman to join as his VP ..........

I know, I'm dreaming ....

1:07 PM  

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